2018 USCAA Baseball and Softball National All-Academic Team

2018 USCAA Baseball and Softball National All-Academic Team

DuBois, PA - During the All-American championship banquet at the DuBois Country Club on Sunday, the USCAA announced the 2018 USCAA Baseball and Softball National All-Academic teams. The National All-Academic team honors are awarded to student-athletes of sophomore standing or higher with at least a 3.5 GPA.

Please see the full list of students below.


Student-Athlete Institution
Kevon Moxey Bluefield State College
Seth Meadows Bluefield State College
Tyler Mullens Bluefield State College
Luis Ojeda Bluefield State College
Tanner Ray Bluefield State College
Sean Schendel Bluefield State College
Austin Stambaugh Bluefield State College
Taylor Tibbs Bluefield State College
Jerry Biller III Central Penn College
Brandon Casiano Central Penn College
Miguel Arrendondo Central Penn College
Ben Dunphy Christendom College
Ian Heisler Christendom College
Kori Embs University of Cincinnati - Clermont
Chase Louk University of Cincinnati - Clermont
AJ Sweatland University of Cincinnati - Clermont
Kendall Flaugher Cleary University
Daniel Garcia Cleary University
David Gnegy Cleary University
John Grable Cleary University
Irwing Guel Martinez Cleary University
Ian Hoogerhyde Cleary University
Nick Hoogerhyde Cleary University
Jacob Klocek Cleary University
Alexander Lopez Cleary University
Adam Nowicki Cleary University
Petar Rumora College of St. Joseph - Vermont
John Loschiavo College of St. Joseph - Vermont
Seth Cunningham College of St. Joseph - Vermont
Dillon Maxon College of St. Joseph - Vermont
George Ostrowski College of St. Joseph - Vermont
Jake Menard Illinois Tech
Ted Howell Illinois Tech
John Zalewski Illinois Tech
Nick Fencl Iowa Wesleyan University
Austin Christian Iowa Wesleyan University
Tyler Cooksey Iowa Wesleyan University
Parker Leland Iowa Wesleyan University
Matthew Murphy Iowa Wesleyan University
Alex Payne Iowa Wesleyan University
Michael Rojas Iowa Wesleyan University
Sumpter Bass Mississippi University for Women
Brett Sheeran Penn State Brandywine
Brandon Gettig Penn State DuBois
Brandon Orsich Penn State DuBois
Shane Haberberger Penn State DuBois
Josh Arroyo Penn State Greater Allegheny
Zack Pollack Penn State Greater Allegheny
Wilson Guarnera Penn State Hazleton
Joel Clabaugh Penn State Mont Alto
Hunter Martin Penn State Mont Alto
Colin Osborne Penn State Mont Alto
Nate Reiner Penn State Mont Alto
Jake Stackiewicz Penn State New Kensington
Marc Russo Penn State New Kensington
Joel George Penn State New Kensington
Zach Buhs Robert Morris University-Peoria
Zach Harrison Robert Morris University-Peoria
Brandon Crose Robert Morris University-Peoria
Pierce Westerdahl Robert Morris University-Peoria
Cody Ballerini Robert Morris University-Peoria
Clayton Kendrick Robert Morris University-Peoria
Cole Hartley Robert Morris University-Peoria
Dylan Murillo Robert Morris University-Springfield
Andrew Dalrymple Rochester College
Joshua Chekal Rochester College
Dominic Downs Rochester College
Austin Kunert Rochester College
Jared Walters Rochester College
Ty Robinson Rochester College
Marco Capizzi Rochester College
Caleb Stinchbomb Selma University
Amos Herrin Southern Maine Community College
Gerald Abillar SUNY Canton
Zach Cortese SUNY Canton
Grant Heath SUNY Canton
Collin Lynk SUNY Canton
Alex Marshall SUNY Canton
Francesco Palumbo SUNY Canton
Gokul Pisharody SUNY Canton
Jake Vierno SUNY Canton
Mike Brumfield The Apprentice School
Taylor Hampton The Apprentice School
Cody Hendrickson The Apprentice School
James Williams The Apprentice School
Nicholas Hovde University of Dallas 
Joseph Griesbauer University of Dallas 
Nick Goehring University of Dallas 
Matthew Curry University of Maine at Presque Isle
Saul Nunez University of Maine at Presque Isle
Ryan Sanderson University of Maine at Presque Isle
William Stinson University of Maine at Presque Isle
Marcus Fultz University of Valley Forge
Nicholas Chiarella University of Valley Forge
James Jackson University of Valley Forge
James Muscarella Williamson College of the Trades
Lucas Sheriff Wright State University-Lake Campus
Nathan Wilker Wright State University-Lake Campus
Kane Kimmel Wright State University-Lake Campus



Student-Athlete Institution
Emily Day Bluefield State College
Jessica Foster Bluefield State College
Alexis Carter Bluefield State College
Caitlyn Suter Carlow University
Kelsey Geyer Carlow University
Mary Giuntini Christendom College
Sophie Adams Christendom College
Emily Palm Christendom College
Madison Taber University of Cincinnati - Clermont
Cassidy DeVore University of Cincinnati - Clermont
Molly Murphy University of Cincinnati - Clermont
Kaitlin Dormire Cleary University
Morgan Richer Cleary University
Riley Thompson Cleary University
Sarah Hall Cleary University
Tessa Klueger Cleary University
Samantha Eddings Cleary University
Allie Newcomb Cleary University
Elizabeth Stockert Cleary University
Megan Robinette Cleary University
Anna Kincaid Cleary University
Paige Eastman Cleary University
Natalie O"Reilly Cleary University
Hannah Benner Cleary University
Delaney Greene Cleary University
Kelsi Jacobs Cleary University
Jordan Schneider Cleary University
Kelly Schram Cleary University
Allie Newcomb Cleary University
Shelby Fenton College of St. Joseph - Vermont
Jenna Crowley College of St. Joseph - Vermont
Katie Jenkins College of St. Joseph - Vermont
Michelle Sessa Dean College
Courtney Holden Dean College
Julie Dodd Iowa Wesleyan University
Sheridan Gealow Iowa Wesleyan University
Samantha McIlwain Iowa Wesleyan University
Sydnee Stalker Iowa Wesleyan University
Lillie Hobson Judson College
Kacie Adams Judson College
Sarah Lippeatt Judson College
Tori Hatfield Judson College
Mackenzie Harris Mississippi University for Women
Cara Hopper Mississippi University for Women
Katlyn Duke Mississippi University for Women
Mateline Newman Mississippi University for Women
Kristen Martin Mississippi University for Women
Tiffany Phillips Mississippi University for Women
Madison Scoggin Mississippi University for Women
Ciara Steward Mississippi University for Women
Anna Kate O'Bryant Mississippi University for Women
Dina Cable Penn State Beaver
Tara McFadden Penn State Beaver
Julie Foeldes Penn State Brandywine
Alexa Anderson Penn State Brandywine
Madeline Malfara Penn State Brandywine
Samantha Satterlee Penn State DuBois
Caitlyn Brown Penn State Fayette
Hayley Maksin Penn State Greater Allegheny
Cassidy Feaser Penn State Mont Alto
Krista Feaser Penn State Mont Alto
Monica Fleshman Penn State Mont Alto
Joelle Moyer Penn State Schuylkill
Makenna Rushannon Penn State Schuylkill
Emylee Watkins Penn State Schuylkill
Danielle Lilly Penn State Schuylkill
Lauren Sciabbarrasi Penn State Scranton
Britney Reinhart Penn State Scranton
Jessica Duff Penn State Scranton 
Abby Gilmore Robert Morris University-Springfield
Bayley Neece Robert Morris University-Springfield
Rachel Friesner Robert Morris University-Springfield
Dallas Caldwell Robert Morris University-Springfield
Ali Nowicki Robert Morris University-Springfield
Holly Jones Robert Morris University-Springfield
Savannah Anzaldua Robert Morris University-Springfield
Melissa Benson Robert Morris University-Springfield
Skye Donaldson Rochester College
Jenne Dominek Rochester College
Chander Hill Rochester College
Kirsten Rivard Rochester College
Kerri Schrock Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Katelynn Kennedy Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Paige McClain Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Kindra Gingerich Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Nicole Niespodziany Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Mariah Stout Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Tori Jonet Silver Lake College of the Holy Family
Hannah Severin Silver Lake College of the Holy Family
Kristen Mackenzie Southern Maine Community College
Taylor Fillebrown Southern Maine Community College
McKenzie Mattison SUNY Canton
Brittany Miner SUNY Canton
Desiree Pryce SUNY Canton
Kelsey White SUNY Canton
Raechel Yost SUNY Canton
Jenna Lutz SUNY Delhi
Dakota Baker SUNY Delhi
Katelyn Lazarek University of Dallas 
Sara Packard University of Maine at Presque Isle
Nicole Marucci University of Maine at Presque Isle
Alissa Edwards University of Maine at Presque Isle
Lindsay LeSueur University of Valley Forge
Carlee Conrad University of Valley Forge